Towards a leisure society

Apr 6

The collective knowledge base

No one man knows everything.
Collectively, however, we know everything there is to be known.

I’m going to argue that civilisation ascends when the collective knowledge base learns something new.

This is why social networking is so important and more of a social utility than anything else?

Twitter is like listening in on a global conversation.

These Conversations were previously being had behind closed doors. They are now being flung open to the world.

Consequently (through social media and the net) we are learning on a collective basis like never before.

In a sense we are going from a system of isolated computers crunching independent datasets, with intelligence only boosted by purposeful acquisition of new data, to a system of networked computers drawing on the datasets of millions.

This has the chance to help us process the existing collective data more quickly, without doubling up, in a way that advances civilisation more quickly than ever before.

This is peer 2 peer knowledge sharing. You don’t need to know everything individually because u know someone in the crowd has the knowledge and u can tap it on demand.

Intelligence can consequently become more focused. Memory use can become more efficient and hardware can be freed for entirely new ideas.

Of course it is all kind of Borg. That is the problem. There is also an incidental dumbing down effect for those who over depend on the network and never bother to become a knowledge provider to the system themselves.

But perhaps this is what archetypal collective unconsciousness is all about? We’ve always been networked in some way but never knew it?

Deep thoughts for a Saturday.

I’m thinking there’s a science fiction novel/film in the idea that humanity has already, in a previous civilisation —long forgotten about by historians —- been networked.

That ancient mysterious stones are like wifi antennas still emitting an ancient primitive Internet signal.

Some of humanity may still have the ancient Google active in their heads and not know it. The ancient nanotechnology is passed down in hereditary form, hence why some people claim to have psychic abilities running in their families.

Most of us now have operating systems that can’t connect.

Or perhaps we all have compatible OS but not the right programming language or enough of the nano hardware?

But those still running the ancient software see visions and pictures whenever they are near the ancient wifi source or when they conduct procedures that enhance the signal.

The ghosts and spirits they see are just echoes of personal movies and data from the deep deep past.

Perhaps they can network with the share of today’s humanity which are still plugged in.

Ok it’s gone a bit Battlestar Galactica.

I stop here.